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Su Ta Gar Watch Music Videos
Image by Igorza76 Su ta Gar taldearen kontzertua Bermeoko Kafe Antzokian. Kontzertua benetan izugarria izan zen, ordu biko zuzenekoa betiko kantuak entzuteko aukera ezin hobea. Bukaerako kantuetan La Polla ren bertsio bat ere eskaini zuten eta denbora osoan publikoarengandik oso urbil agertu ziren Argazki gehiago / Mas fotos Bideoa / Video

Belako Watch Music Videos
Image by Igorza76 Belako taldearen kontzertua Bilboko Kafe Antzokian. Argazki gehiago / Mas fotos Bideoa / Vídeo

Day One Hundred Eighty Nine Watch Music Videos
Image by Dustin Diaz 189/365. When she walks, she swing her arms... instead of her hips ~ Cake (let me go) â€" have you waited for her for so long? So... the return of stubby (the 200mm Æ'/2.0) didn't happen. Nikon mixed up my orders and sent back my old D700 (which will now be up for sale). On this photo itself, Erin and I rigged up the Flash Bullet studio. For a second I thought about doing my usual Flickr/90second edit... but there was just too much good stuff (about 5 minutes worth). Plus it really shows how we work together when shooting with each other. So without further waiting, it's definitely worth your time checking out the setup, camera, and strobist info video (via iPhone 3Gs - hosted on Youtube). strobist info (for those who prefer text): SB900 @ 1/2 in 28" softbox high and above SB900 @ 1/16 @ 35mm direct left SB900 @ 1/64 @ 200mm into 1/8" grid direct right 580EX2 @ 1/128 @ 105mm front left

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