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Steamy Burlesque

Steamy Burlesque

Some cool Burlesque images:

Steamy Burlesque Burlesque
Image by Duchess Flux Senzafine created this sweet chocolatey burlesque ensemble for the Clockwork Spiral Event that is currently THE happening place on Second Life! With portions of sales going to charity one cannot help but go a little linden crazy! Nothing better to inspire ............ www.threadsandtuneage.com/steamy-burlesque/

Burlesque at the Cobra ~ The Chicago Outfit Burlesque
Image by Viewminder I really enjoy the people I meet shooting all over Chicago. Havin' a blast with the people I photograph comes easy to me especially if they're as much fun as these women. I hooked up with the beautiful ladies of 'The Chicago Outfit' Friday night and I had such a good time with them. Because these ladies know how to have a good time. They're unstoppable. The first time I became acquainted with this group of vivacious and talented women was at their Spaghetti Wrestling fundraiser. I've never seen a bunch of girls have a better time... and I really dug it too. I haven't been able to eat spaghetti since then without fond memories of that spaghetti flyin'. I shot their Roller Derby Home Opener last week and then to top it all off last nights Burlesque Review was a freakin' blast. It was a fundraiser I think... I'm certain it was for a good cause... I mean... helping these women to keep having all this fun is a really good cause in my book. It should be known by now that I'm a big supporter of people having fun. The world needs more of it. It all went down at The Cobra Lounge in Chicago. You should have been there. Because I'm always in a bunch of trouble and anything I say can and will be used against me in a court of law I will limit my comments here... You ladies were amazing last night and you put on one hell of a show. Thank you for the amazing evening! Paparazzi Acoustic

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