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Wrong Pyjamas

Previously, Mr Osborne reminded Kami harshly with his hand on her bare bottom about wearing the wrong pyjamas from a snap inspection by Matron. It seems like this madam doesn't learn her lesson as within half an hour of her punishment, she is called back for continuing to disrupt the Dorm and her flagrant disregard of bedwear protocol! This time she is given the slipper and the hairbrush across her already glowing cheeks... but worse is to come as she fails to respect her cornertime and is made to wear the Pyjamas of Shame. These punishment PJs have dropseat pants allowing anyone easy access to Kami's bare bottom, she is asked to strip naked in front of Mr Osborne who then tests out the "drop seats" giving her another severe thrashing that leaves her close to tears! She is sent packing back to the Dorms where all the girls will snigger at her for wearing those horrid punishment pyjamas to add to Kami's growing humiliation! This is a movie you can not afford to miss, Kami meowing like a cat in pain and that wigglesome bottom... it is all highly addictive viewing from Triple A Spanking!

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