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When the Boss is away

The Boss of this small family firm is taking a well earned vacation and leaves Office Manager, Jean Bradley, in charge. He has also given her full permission to chastise and punish the girls as he does when it's needed. No sooner than he is out the door, this new found power goes to Jean's head and she immediately finds excuses to discipline the girls within her powers, namely to spank their bare bottoms! Both employees are desperate to keep their jobs and behave, so reluctantly accept their punishment and they soon realize that with the Boss away, nothing has changed in the office and they still get whacked for being naughty! This movie features lots of amusing banter, good hard spankings & some excellent use of the leather paddle & strap against both girls aching bare bottoms in this delightful F/F punishment movie that is 19 minutes long from Triple A Spanking!

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