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Danielle spanked and slippered

Danielle's step dad was always lurking around on the landing near her bedroom as he knew he could quickly find an excuse to punish her for the merest of his many petty House Rules. Danielle couldn't afford to leave home just yet so had to put up with his many schemes to get her knickers removed and taken over his knee for some maintenance or punishment spanking that he would deem necessary! This latest punishment at bedtime was because Danielle had talked to a friend on her phone when it should have been lights out and straight to bed! She was taken over his knee, her pyjama bottoms hid nothing as he soon removed them to continue with his spanking but he hadn't finished with her just yet as he tried out his horrible "Discipline Slipper" which stung and thudded into Dani's ample behind with a loud walloping sound! See what happens in the Jackson Household behind closed doors and curtains - starring in a suburban street near you from Triple A Spanking!

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